Another year, another blog started.

This would be #4, I think. Possibly #5. All but the last one have been abandoned over time, mostly because of security issues. I still have a locked online journal account where items of a more sensitive nature will continue to reside, but I’ve been itching for a greater writing challenge in the last few months, and I hope to meet it here. Do I have a central theme in mind? A unifying thought that differentiates this space from all others? Will I write with a singular focus? I doubt it. I don’t live my life with one, so why would I expect to restrict myself like that in a blog that’s primarily for my own use?  I predict that I’ll talk a bit about my children (I have 2, whose internal gender identities currently seem to match their outward presentation of boy and girl), what it’s like to live in a household where one is (presumably) the only one not on the autism spectrum, my love of popular culture (television, books, movies, my current affair with the Wii), current events that have made it onto my radar, crafty business, and of course, my passion for sexual and reproductive health issues.

My first challenge to myself is to express my thoughts clearly without falling into old habits of being “queen of the public overshare.” As I tend to be expositionally exhibitionistic, I may not succeed very often with this, but I’m up for the adventure nonetheless.

Not tonight, though.


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