Musings on politicians who “cheat”

I’m at home with the kids today, doing a half-day of work as one of them is miserable. I wandered over to Twitter a few minutes ago and saw this tweet from Kevin Smith:

The inspiration for today's post

And suddenly, here I am wondering. What if he didn’t cheat? What if Bill Clinton didn’t cheat on Hillary? Yes, they were both “caught cheating.” But what if Elizabeth Edwards and Hillary Clinton knew from the beginning? What if they had negotiated within their relationships that having partners outside of each other was something acceptable to their marriage? I mean, why couldn’t that be the case? It’s not like it’s unheard of in the civilian (non-celebrity/politician) population, after all. It wouldn’t have been the smartest choice in a country that makes circus performers out of its politicians and that outlaws (by actual law or by moral authority) all but missionary sex, but we’re human, we want what we want, and we don’t always think strategically.

Maybe all these politicians who ‘fess up about “cheating” actually were indeed cheating on their partners. I have no idea. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to not always assume that’s the case? Wouldn’t it be nice to imagine that the women in these political marriages are/were active participants in the decision-making around partnerships? Would it not be AMAZING if we could stop painting everyone as either villain or victim, and start just accepting that different people do stuff differently?

Also, if the Westboro folks show up at Elizabeth Edwards’ (or anyone else’s) funeral, I hope the ground opens up and swallows them whole.


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