A year already?

One year ago yesterday, I decided to start this blog. I wanted to give myself a place to process the stuff in my head, the connections my life experiences have to the world at large, and just general musings that pop up here and there. I think the most surprising part of this process is that people who are not me have expressed interest in what I’ve had to say.

In case you’re curious, here’s a list of the top five posts I published in the last year, based on traffic:

Autism in Popular Culture: Does Anyone Get it Right? (March 14, 2010)
My friend Chris asked me to take a look at the tv show Parenthood to get my feedback on whether I thought the portrayal of a family of a child with Asperger Syndrome was accurate. To date, this is the most popular post I have written. Folks looking for feedback on autism and Asperger’s and pop culture show up in my search stats almost daily. It’s been accessed over 2 300 times. It’s even gotten three hits today.

Wearing a bra does not a serial killer make: Russell Williams and the Media Assault on Gender Identity (October 19, 2010)
I was surprised at how much traffic this one got, to be honest. Although it had slightly less overall traffic than the above post (almost 1 800 hits), it was heavily retweeted and hotly contested. I argued that the focus on admitted serial killer Russell Williams as a cross-dresser may lead to the further lay criminalization of genderqueer individuals. Many disagreed with me, saying that the media had a responsibility to share all of the facts (relevant or not) of the case, and that no one would ever interpret the focus on Williams as cross-dresser when the obvious issue is that he’s a murderer. The collection of search terms that have led people to this article demonstrate otherwise: while there were a few hits looking for “serial killer” Russell Williams, they were outnumbered 5 to 1 by those looking for “crossdressing” Williams.

Christmas pyjamas will not kill me (December 16, 2010)
This post didn’t get a lot of traffic on my site, compared to the two previous pieces: fewer than 100 overall. What it did get, though, was interest from BlogHer, who asked to syndicate it on their site. Retitled My Mother Keeps Giving me Christmas PJs. I’m Jewish, it went live the morning of December 24th, and got almost 1200 hits on the BlogHer site. (As an aside, I did not receive anything Christmas-theme related this year, in case anyone was wondering.)

Birth Rape – too strong? Not for me. (September 10, 2010)
Too much information, extraordinarily personal, and something I couldn’t not share, given what I was reading at the time about other people framing my experience, saying that my word choice (and that of many others who have experienced traumatic non-consensual birth) was inappropriate.

Keep your lasers away from my vagina (September 21, 2010)
I visibly cringe every time I even think about what drove me to write this post. Looks like a bunch of other folks found it interesting as well.

I have no idea what this year will bring yet. I’m pretty excited to keep writing, though.

Now, since yesterday was my blog’s birthday, I want presents. As your gift to me, post in the comments what you wish to see me write about this year.


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